We give solutions to our clients


Welcome to our corporate website “DCS INTERNACIONAL”

DCS INTERNACIONAL, formed by a group of specialized professionals with a wide range of experience in different industrial areas and services related to the logistics and industrial planning as well as the engineering, offering the integral services of planning, design and construction.

We offer ENGINEERING / ARCHITECTURAL & LOGISTIC services needed to our clients, such as the planning of the structural or overall logistic organization, or part of it as well as the later design phase and the physical implementation of the proposed solution.

With this, we achieve that our clients obtain the expected levels of service and we optimize their available resources, facilitating this way the expansion of their business.

Our work policy is that of giving the expected satisfaction of our clients by working jointly in these ENGINEERING / ARCHITECTURAL & LOGISTIC projects to obtain a common target.



DCS INTERNACIONAL, offers to his clients an integral, technical consulting within the conceptual process and creation elaborate and execute projects in the field of construction, logistics, distribution, dry and cold storage processing plants, interior design and last but not least also PROJECT MANAGEMENT

We help our clients to transform, modify their current projects, designing and implementing solutions to their processes, operations, that allow them to grow and to improve the functioning and profitability of their organization, company or individual.